Why A Sail Racer Might Be Your Next Best Hire

Why A Sail Racer Might Be Your Next Best Hire

Why A Sail Racer Might Be Your Next Best Hire
Jan 13, 2019

We come in many shapes and forms, but we have a couple of things in  common, one being that we could be the solution if you are currently,  or soon will be hiring people for key positions.Don’t let the odd taste in humour, sometimes incomprehensible jokes or  nerd aura: a sail racer might be your next best addition to your team.

We don’t complain, we make due.

When you battle with the elements, you can be sure that stuff breaks,  no matter how good you are. Sometimes, shit goes sideways, such as the  heartbreaking realization that a lot of the rations you packed for the  three day race had begun to mold before even leaving the harbour.  Sometimes the fresh water pump breaks down and you don’t have spares,  well, you get the picture.When that happens we don’t give up or complain, we make due.

We fix the broken parts with the resources we have. We ration the  food harder and go into energy-saving mode. We’re in it together,  everyone is aware of the situation and try their best to resolve or  endure it.

Big picture thinking, with an extreme attention to detail

Sail racing is about many different moving parts coming together.  It’s about navigation, routes, speed, weather, current, boat setup &  optimization to name a few.Firstly, it’s about bringing all of these different parts together,  after that, it’s all down to the details. An inch on the trim or 20kg on  the wrong place in the boat (in all directions) can mean 0.05 knots,  and that can be the difference between a win or a loss in a multi-day  race.

Shifting between the big picture, and the small details is a task that is automatic for a sail racer.

We have composure and creativity under pressure

The forces of water & wind are not to play with. If you don’t  respect them, they will break you. And maybe that’s one of the reasons  we love our passion so much. It’s like living in the tale of David &  Goliath. And Goliath in this scenario is often not merciful. He tests  us to our limits over and over, while we push them further and further.

To do this we have to tackle it with a cool calm while also being creative in our choices and adaptations.

We have the ultimate team player mentality

You can have the best tactician in the world, but without a good  bowman that can execute on the call, it doesn’t matter. The same goes  for vice-versa, as well as the other positions onboard. We strive to do  our assigned job perfectly, and after that help out where needed, making  sure that everyone performs at their absolute limit.

In the world of sail racing, the word diva belongs to a brand that  has created beautiful boats since 1982, it’s seldomly used to describe a  top-tier sail racer.

Shifting between sprint & marathon mode is natural for us.

Sail racing is usually a combination of short circuits and long,  multi-day races. Being able to shift into the different mentalities  & modes is critical to succeeding.

In most companies, the situation is similar, you have periods where  everything is going smoothly as well as periods where a quick turnaround  is needed to meet that looming deadline. A sail racer will be able to  adapt.