What is your outlier?

What is your outlier?

What is your outlier?
Nov 20, 2017

Without doubt, motivational quotes and the likes can be, in  essence, a positive influence. A couple of years ago I’d probably have  painted dozens of them all over the apartment I never bought.

But today I’m getting sick of them. Why? Because I don’t think they ever paint the whole picture.

Breaking it down, most of them are related to (financial) success.  They tell you to graft harder, work longer, hustle when ”normal” people  are sleeping etc.

And to some extent, they are 100% accurate, you do need to put in the hours and have grit to become successful.

But grit and hard work will only take you so far, it’s not the entire formula.

Some contextI recently had the joy of delivering some really great news to my close  circle of friends, and the unanimous response was: ”I’ve seen you work  harder than anyone, for such a long time, if there’s anyone that  deserves this, it’s you”. Besides making me feel like a million bucks  (because who doesn’t crave the validation of those around them, even if I  thought I was past that? But I digress, let’s not open that box!) it  also hit me, was I able to put this solely down to my work-ethic?

It simply isn’t. Putting in the hours and showing grit and grim  determination merely facilitated it. It is thanks to luck and seized  opportunities. Don’t get me wrong, without the hard work I wouldn’t have  been in a position to seize the opportunities, or benefit from the  luck.

I was fortunate to grow up the way I did, in the environment that  surrounded me, with the parents I had. That molded me and made me able  to not only withstand, but also enjoy the long hours. It gave me the  grit I needed to face defeat, retreat, recuperate and attack again and  again like a relentless pitbull.

Once that foundation was ”established”, I had luck down the road when  a CMO (who today is my mentor) found me almost two years ago and took a  chance on bringing me into a project which turned out to be one of the  best opportunities that existed to prove my worth. Grit and hard work  then took over and ensured that the opportunity was seized.

If you’ve made it all the way down here:The point I’m trying to make is, don’t fall for the fallacy that all you  need is #hustle. I believe that if you are aware that the universe  needs to come together (and it will, if you work hard) for you to  succeed, you will be better equipped to spot an opportunity when it’s  served up, and take advantage of luck when it lands in your lap.

When you are beyond the point of measuring success in financial terms  (it will come, I promise) it will also let you live a much more  meaningful life, as it helps you to find gratefulness for things that on  the surface seem negative.