Thankful for all the things I don’t have

Thankful for all the things I don’t have

Thankful for all the things I don’t have
May 20, 2015

Two weeks ago I was moving, my fourth move within a year.

Stressful? Not really.  When everything you own fits within two tours with an estate-wagon you  feel kind of free (and yes, I’ve lived on my own for the last three  years, I’m far from straight out of the boy room).

Every quarter I clean  out my wardrobe, items that I haven’t used more then once the last six  months are donated to a charity. Even though I’m far from the biggest  spender on clothing I easily rack up atleast two swedish plastic grocery  bags (google image search ”ica-påse”) every cleanse. That’s a lot of  clothes that hopefully gets used a lot more, by someone who needs it  more… I don’t go out and buy new “stuff” either, unless it’s on my  carefully curated to-buy list in the private section of my Asana.  And it’s not that hard actually when you’ve spent the last 2 years  getting rid of items in your life that just add to the clutter.

The reason I am wired this way is due to a close relative whom is the direct opposite, a Hoarder.

It broke my heart, still does, seeing all the things that were acquired in the pursuit of happyness, but  instead brought her further from it. But I am thankful, even though it  hurts to see someone you care about suffer from something they brought  on themselves without being able to realize the cause, which is  crystal-clear to everyone else.  Without the pain caused by it I would never have ventured down the  opposite direction, and If i hadn’t taken that path I’m certain I  wouldn’t be where I am today.

It’s quite simple, I  wouldn’t have had enough time to put in the required amount of work, nor  the peace of mind to be able to execute it on the required level.

I’m a firm believer that material things are one of the reasons why  people in the developed world are unhappy. We exist in a society that  tells us that our problems can be solved simply by swiping plastic.

I feel free.I feel like I’m no longer on “that” pursuit of happyness, but instead float alongside the people on that path, enjoying the ride, and being grateful for the things that I do have.My desires are not related to things that can be bought with money, except for more permanent housing, but instead I want to be able to continue creating, doing good work and seeing my company grow.I feel free.