28th of September, 2018

28th of September, 2018

28th of September, 2018
Sep 28, 2018

Fatigued, but unstoppable.

Woke up, tired. Probably snoozed a bit, unfortunately. I got some  energy knowing that the weekend was about to present itself. Got some  more energy from the fact that I was going to see Stephanie at the end  of the day.

Got dressed, drove to the office. No calls, just music. Arrived at 9  or so. Re-packed my bag and ordered an Uber to go to the big prospect  almost immediately upon arriving.

Managed to get in a couple of calls on the way there. Not a 100% sharp when I arrived.

Today’s focus was on getting buy-in from the rest of the decision-makers.

Felt a good alignment between my prepared strategy/point of view and the founder.

A fire in the building next door caused the prospects office to  become infested with the smell of smoke. A headache was knocking on the  door, but It seems my body managed to dodge it, thank you.

Had a light mix-your-own-salad.

Ordered an Uber back to the office at around 3pm to check in quickly with the team. Managed a few emails in the backseat.

Handled the last off-boarding of a departing employee.

Walked with the CEO of the sister-company to the Sunfleet parking lot to pick out the rental.

Gave him a ride since we were going the same way. Had a nice, strategic talk as well.

Arrived at my moms to a super happy niece at around 6.30pm.

Ate, watched some of her shows on TV, then some of mine. She analyzed  when I laughed at ”adult” humor, and joined in. All while hogging the  bowl of crisps and cheese-doodles.

Did some work on a launch that we have this weekend.

Fell asleep on the couch for an hour. Woke up and it was time for her  to go to sleep. Talked some with my mom and then went to the car to  drive back into the city.

Called Soheil on the way back to town. Went to meet up with him at  his office. Been working here since 7pm (the time is now 02.20am), with a  flow I haven’t felt in a long time.

Texted a girl I like. Asked her out do dinner. Positive response. I  must be in a new fairytale in my head if I believe that I’d be able to  sustain a relationship with my current schedule without a massive  change. But hell, she’s cute, smart & fun.