”Gone for eternity

We erased one another

So far from where we came

With so much of everything, how do we leave with nothing?”

September 12th 2017 – 11.44pm

”That’s running out on us,

I’m letting you know that I,

I’m giving up on us

Won’t you take a chance?”

September 6th 2017 – 06.26am

”Your diamond crusted necklace surely looks the part

But it’s hanging all too heavy around your broken heart

And no I’m not the one who’ll even recognise

Then again I’m not the one who’ll let this just slip by”

May 24th 2017 – 01.57am

”I found peace in your violence

Can’t tell me there’s no point in trying

I’m at one, and I’ve been quiet for too long

I found peace in your violence”

May 23rd 2017 – 10.21pm

”I lost my mind when you left me

And I didn’t have much of that

But you were so quick to reject me

So I’ll take my time being sad

I fell so hard, I’ll admit it

The feeling wasn’t mutual

So I’m back to live on my lonely”

May 9th 2017 – 02.03am

”I’ve been through it whole

I’ve been through the worst

But I never knew how much our love could hurt

Over my family I put you first

Writing out my feelings is the only thing that work”

April 13th 2017 – 03.40am

”As time passes, I feel so low

Searchin’ for pieces, covering up the hole

I’ll fight for your love, I’ll fight for your soul

I’ll throw all of my cares away for you

I’ll be there to wait for you

Maybe you weren’t the one for me

But deep down I wanted you to be

I’ll still see you in my dreams

All the things that I did for you, just wasn’t it for you”

April 5th 2017 – 15:48pm


You’re just doing that to get even

Don’t pick up the pieces, just leave it for now

They keep fallin’ apart”

March 23nd 2017 – 01.10am

Passionate from miles away

Passive with the things you say

Passin’ up on my old ways

I can’t blame you, no, no

March 21st 2017 – 11.44pm