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Increasing leads by 814%, and online-sales by 224%, in a year, while downsizing.
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A Master's in growth marketing through hands-on, intensive & constant execution, under guidance by one of the most skilled leaders I've ever met.

The challenge

I was approached by Saeid through LinkedIn. He had just become CMO of the Swedish SaaS scale-up Netigate, a feedback management platform. He was hired to take their marketing to the next level, and shift the focus from outbound to inbound sales. The existing team of 6-8 marketers, who created blog posts, webinars & went on physical events & tradeshows did not fare well with the new focus, so a new team had to be created. I fit the profile, but more importantly, had the right attitude (anything is possible through hard work, and "I don't care if that's the way it's always been done") and grit. After 10 minutes in the first meeting with Saeid, I knew I had to accept this assignment. If nothing else, it would be a masterclass in Focus.


In the beginning it was Saeid, Rob (a much more senior consultant who was extremely adapt at marketing technology & automation), Teresa (German native who controlled our most important market, DACH) and me. During my first month (I started december 1st 2015) we re-built the entire website (which was in 4 languages) and created +600 dedicated landing pages for sending PPC traffic to. On the 25th of december, we launched the new site and redirected all of paid ads to the new URLs. As if that wasn't enough, we started the switch to Hubspot (from Pardot) in that same time. During 2016 we shipped, and shipped, and then shipped some more. Me, Rob & Teresa we're the operatives, handling the: - Website, including all content & copy - Paid Search and other acquisition channels - Marketing Automation through Hubspot - Inbound Sales Processes & support ...While Saeid broke down the barriers & silos that we needed removed to convert the leads that were now coming in at hyperspeed. In June 2016 I became Chief Marketing Technologist, when unfortunately Rob left the team and I took over his responsibilities. Until November 2017 (when I left for other challenges) we never took our foot of the gas pedal once.


Iteration nr. 324 of the front page
Iteration nr. 324 of the front page


Netigate changed from the inside. We didn't bring in a team of management consultants to draw up models or do analysis. Netigate changed by brute force, by metrics that changed so radically that it was felt throughout the company and inspired change on its own. Inbound Sales became the most important part of the companies growth, and I'm proud to say that the change originated from our small team. I've never heard of a company increasing the amount of leads by 814%, and more than doubling the amount of marketing-attributed sales in ONE year, while also scaling down on the headcount, and of this feat I'm extremely proud.


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